Star teacher guarantee

What is star teachers?
Stars teachers are tutoring Changzhou Rui consulting company under the business for many years, according to consulting in Changzhou Rui tutor tutoring students after school, please reflect on our rigorous examination of the tens of thousands of teachers in the Faculty library and pick out the best teachers.
1, key school in-service teachers;
2, music national or more contest winners;
3, industry professionals,
4, physical education instructor;
5, focusing on college entrance exam at the University or school outstanding students.
(Note: the above star faculty members are teaching at Ming tutor network participants, and have their own unique methods of teaching, can make the learning situation is significantly improved, and has access to student home. )
Star teacher advantage!!
Su all star teacher of the Center, not only in the Education Center coach sue everyone too much as a tutor, and in their areas of expertise with many years of teaching experience and deep knowledge background. Full understanding of the subject, very good grasp of priorities.
Quality advantages:
Su all star teacher of the Center are area professionals from all disciplines. They are usually specialists and experts in this field. Composed of leaders from all key institutions. Meanwhile, they also have a good professional resources. (Such as some academic leaders in key middle school, key middle school, in the teaching process will provide internal production of learning materials. ) Or some proposition was the original entrance groups of teachers, ability to grasp well the exam.
Su all star teacher of the Center, in the course of years of coaching are delving into their own unique teaching methods, such as: the five-step teaching method in English, cover subjects such as English learning method. Students in the learning process, with less effort. Academic performance improved significantly. BACK
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