Old customer privileges

1, in line with any of the following criteria, are considered to be our customers, from the date of qualifying the benefit of all customers exclusive offers:
1) twice and twice by the tutoring Center to recruit faculty, or two at a time and two more faculty mentoring, sign up successful
2) for referrals to other participants of the Center, signed the successful
Under such circumstances, referral participants can immediately enjoy the benefits of customers
2, and old customers exclusive offers
1) free to hire college students/graduate coaching for life
2) half charge a service fee for other faculty members hired
3) hire a star teacher Member Services
4) half charge VIP membership fee, you can enjoy the benefits of VIP membership
5) exclusive free of charge or at discounted prices in Shanghai, organized by some training, education seminars and other events
6) organized by the Center for free to my parents, students learn skills, education, experience exchange and party activities such as networking BACK
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