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Changzhou Rui tutor, VIP Learning Center teacher fully engaged portrait dedication
University teacher raised in college entrance examination for the candidates to develop personalized plan, review recommendations of the section.
In-depth analysis of the propositions in the college entrance examination, followed by the reform of college entrance examination, improve to help you win in the grueling!
Mainly subject caught
Junior and senior high school entrance examination 1-on-1: English, mathematics, languages, physics, chemistry
1-on-1 high school and college entrance examination: English, mathematics, languages, physics, chemistry
University 1-on-1: self   computer
Professional entrance assessment always grasp the dynamic
Exclusive course consultant full communication feedback
Exclusive teaching assistants full inspection test study
Professional assessment system tailored to individual learning programme
Psychological study habits in consultation with the expert advisory and
Our miracle
Strict one-to-one process for students ' individual situations, according to the student's recent monthly test, practice test or mid-term, final and entrance test, analysis by the teachers, tailored learning plans for students, help children to digest, check in a timely manner short of trapping and consolidate knowledge, found in a timely manner to solve the problem. Teachers will train the students understand the exam knowledge distribution, identifies the need for students to pay special attention to the main test sites, encouraging students to face challenge of the exam and get high scores. BACK
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