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Foreign teachers fully committed to the development of foreign language education in China, with its specialized and good social standing in the publication of the forest. Built social 23 years to has published 15 a languages of in the foreign books about 3000 species, total print near 400 million book; which more than 300 multiple varieties in provincial above various appraisals in the award, University English series textbook was "National College excellent textbook Grand Prize", Zhu biography, and China culture in enlightenment period of United Kingdom and concise Han British dictionary, 4 Department Han outside series dictionary, and Chinese learning dictionary, and new century English usage big dictionary (microcopy), has won "China books Award" , The new century English-Chinese dictionary of new words, won the "first prize of national award for dictionaries".
Borne by teachers and social publishing, won the national second prize of excellent teaching materials in colleges and universities of the college English teaching series, dozens of experts from six key University Professor co-star well-written for its actual conception for foreign language teaching, by teachers of foreign languages welcome, swept thousands of colleges in the country, and is widely adopted by society, various types of training units. Now, with the standard of English (revised edition) 1-4 of the intensive reading and hearing 1-4 a complete set of multimedia CDs have been published, the intensive 5-6 books and discs are also nervous of the hearing 5-6 copies made; the Pack will really become the most perfect, matching the most complete and the most mature of public English teaching in colleges and universities.
Main results
In order to meet the higher higher goals of college English teaching in the new period needs, teachers launched an English club in the fall of 2001 (new edition) textbook series. In an effort to make the new boutique of the teaching materials in the new century, foreign teachers hold on college English education in a sincere and responsible attitude, after more than 20 provinces and hundreds of colleges and universities in the country earnestly solicit opinions, and constantly be amended to improve seriously launched.
Won the national second best book award of excellence to new English course, communicative English course: core curriculum and other teaching series for the national Professional 60% of the teachers and students of English. Implementation of a new English grammar course, the course in English-Chinese translation and grammar, translation, Linguistics, literary teaching materials since its publication, revised, reprinted many times, and shows excellent quality and great vitality; new edition, published by new English course of interpretation, a new spoken English course and a variety of reading gradually is recognized and widely used by teachers and students. Landmark first national set of more than 50 kinds of postgraduates majoring in English language and literature teaching materials is also being launched in batches.
In addition, the teachers also published 7 language grammar tutorials, 6 language outside a Chinese translation and dictionary of more than 70 films, including the concise Chinese dictionary, the concise Chinese-Portuguese dictionary and the concise Chinese dictionary, fill the gaps in these areas of language dictionaries. The comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary, the new century dictionary of English usage, the Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Lenovo to use the Longman English Dictionary and the new Oxford English Dictionary, the Collins COBUILD English Dictionary, such as foreign language books, with its innovative and unique ideas and rich, detailed data widely appreciated by national foreign language.
Teachers pay great attention to academic research and cultural work. Built social yilai, outside taught social total published has more than 400 more than species academic monographs, and proceedings and academic reference books, which including modern Linguistics series, and Oxford application Linguistics series, and Oxford Linguistics started series, and Cambridge application Linguistics series Linguistics series series, and contemporary language learn series, and United States literature history translation bundle, and foreign literature series, and Cambridge literature Guide, and abroad translation research from book, and 21st century rhetoric series and included national "85", and "95 "And" XV "planning, social science focused on foreign language and literature, culture and other aspects of the book as well as the index of foreign language study, such as the MIT encyclopedia of the cognitive sciences, promoting and prospering academic research, influential in academia.
Foreign teachers actively participated in international exchange and cooperation, and more than 10 countries and dozens of leading publishers in the area of establishing a regular business, 3 representative offices in Europe and established. Foreign teachers with their own level of expertise and unique vision, introduction and publication in co-operation with a number of the world's leading Linguistics book characteristics, languages authentic language learning materials and reference books for readers to build a bridge to the world.
Teachers have a special skills, proficient and pioneering spirit of the editing and publishing and management team. Society, with editorial, publishing and distribution departments, is also attached to printing, binding, bookstores and a company, formed a strong book knitting, printing, publishing system. In recent years, the rapid development of business, year book thousands of kinds of republication rates above 70%, release code Ocean is increasing. According to Ministry of education statistics, 1998 total of teachers published books in paper consumption has reached 280,000, ranked first in the more than more than 100 University presses; book sales code Ocean by more than 220 million Yuan, second in the University, foreign languages Publishing House first. Authoritative journal, published 2001 the wide-angle di10-11qi "published by ' 95 ' during the national press competitiveness assessment report" also showed that the teacher's overall competitiveness ranking second in the University, foreign languages Publishing House first.
In the current challenging market conditions, foreign teachers by virtue of the strength, credibility and assiduous spirit, successfully withstood the test of the market economy to achieve the social and economic benefits of the new harvest 2000 sales code card exceeded 300 million yuan in 2001 and completed the sales target of 350 million yuan in advance.
Because of the "two civilizations" construction and create a "double benefit" and made outstanding contribution in foreign teachers were awarded "Advanced University Press" and "exemplary collective of Changzhou City" title, and many times by the State press and publication Administration awarded "good press".
External teaching staff will follow the party's "Congress" on the press and publication requirements, are determined to further deepen reform, actively forge, built into a first-class, internationally renowned university presses and work hard, for the 21st century to make greater contributions to the cause of foreign language education.
After 31 years of efforts, outside taught social has development became China maximum, and most authority, and international well-known of language textbook, and academic works, and reference books, and teaching reference books, and language books, and academic journals and the digital publications published base one of, cumulative published has near 30 a languages of books and digital publications more than 6,500 more than species, total print more than 650 million volumes, copy various CD more than 120 million more than Zhang, sales total over 6.8 billion yuan.
In March 2011, won the second "published in China Award" award for best Publisher.

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