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To test in a few days, some students and parents more and more anxious. Yesterday, fruit, Vice President of the Lake give you tips from Rowling: candidates ' knowledge formed, don't "rush" and "buffering". Adjust their mentality, to give full play to their skills.
Students: learn "choice"
"These days, the candidates are basically in the arrange knowledge stages, in the process, they are prone to some of the psychological wave motion, to know how to ' choose '. "Rowling says candidates at the time of review, does not do the topic, don't do it again," would not do, the more anxiety. "Simply doing the wrong questions, consolidation of the familiar, to visit some basic knowledge of memory, cultivating a sense of confidence in the comb.
Some of the students, in the review stage, sit for two or three hours, seemingly hard, in fact, efficiency is not high. Rowling suggested, in the last few days, candidates do not call tired, slow down, maintain a calm state of mind is most important, "candidates can do regular exercise, or for a walk, so that both can improve the efficiency of learning, can ease the tension. "
During the exam, mental state also determines the quality of play, Rowling considered candidates to learn how to better psychological implications, "problems, to be calm, calm examination. Long impregnable questions, unwilling to give up is a waste of time, you can say ' impregnable, others are impregnable, putting aside for the time being, after doing other topics may be inspired '. "
Parents: do not fuss over
Parents also affects children. Yesterday, the parents to this hotline to talk to Ms Wang wronged, "son still had a few days to test, I insisted on giving kids ' meals ', fearing that he would eat well. As long as the child is at home, I don't watch television as his father, speaking voice, it might affect him. Son kicked in, and quick temper. "" Parents give their children ' special treatment ', psychological anxiety and tension. "Rowling says parents are overly concerned about their children, infecting their children the tension, causing the child to dislike. "Parents feel anxious and nervous, may wish to communicate with friends, colleagues, do not suppress in mind. Also available with other parents to contact, talk to each other, Exchange, relieve stress. "
Rowling suggested, parents at home don't talk about the exam, but also no need to deliberately create a tense atmosphere, TV to look after, it is business as usual, talking about topics of interest to children, "through other topics of chat can also keep abreast of children's learning, and psychological States, children will express their voice. "
In addition, parents should learn to relax, not to take the test too, especially do not compare their children with others. Active kid these days, when children are upset, encourage him "you can do it." BACK
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