Parent network guess junior exam

Before the tests, ya busy exam, parents, what's the hurry? Busy guessing exam essay! Yesterday, reporters saw parents 100 Forum, hundreds of parents gathered here, in a composition to guess which questions thread, guess nearly 200 word essay.
This titled let us guess post exam essay published at 21:30 on June 8, 85 people involved in the discussions so far, of which 77 parents guessing a total of 192 questions, attracted more than 3,000 visitors attention.
Poster "mother of happiness every day," said publishing this post because the exam approaches, parents are very concerned about, but always as a lever to discipline, its composition is undoubtedly will be hot, so "rather than discussion, now guess." In order to attract more Internet users participate in guessing questions, as a moderator of the "mother of happiness every day," also issued a reward: the guess list award Forum "gold coin" 1000, guess which rewards Forum "gold coins" 500.
Reporters found, parents guessed 192 essay, a total of 19 popular keywords, which concerned "life value" and "low carbon", "growing pains" content topic up, 22, 19, 9, respectively, among the top three. In addition, there are 16 categories of topics, parents guessed the coincidence rate of more than 3 questions.
This year, the odds of one Mr LEE has been in the composition of the forum topics, "but didn't tell her. "Netizens" love you for life, "post said, hoping the" Niu parents "to help guess test essay, but no response.
"Parents would tell children they guess? "Asked by a Netizen posted, without the users response estimation is fun, named" buzhidaohaizi "users directly post advises:" don't guess, disrupt the children's mood! "
In this regard, the poster "mother of happiness every day," and guess which questions purpose is not to bet on, is intended to help parents to analyze the social focus, help your child check missing information or information. In addition, nowadays more and more outgoing, very closely associated with social issues in the college entrance examination, some kids are writing due to information closed the topic. BACK
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