Parents questioned freshman curriculum

In September of this year, the province's high will be 395,000 Pu high school freshman, they will become the province's second class students. Since last year, and launched a year of high school curriculum, students learn to be more hard, this student will cancel the Liberal Arts section ... ... For this third day of examinees and their parents want to know about the problem of high school curriculum, the reporter interviewed.
Question: lessons to learn what?
From implementing a nearly one-year high school curriculum, General higher course structure is divided into fields of study, subject, module level. Courses set including language and literature, and mathematics, and Humanities and social, and science, and technology, and art, and sports and health, and integrated practice activities eight a learning field; each learning field set several courses value similar of subjects, subjects set including language, and language (English, and Japanese, and Russian,), and mathematics, and thought political, and history, and geographic, and physical, and chemical, and biological, and information technology, and General technology, and music, and art, and sports and health, and integrated practice activities, 15 a subjects; each subjects of courses content by several module composition. Puggaard composition composed of compulsory and elective courses.
When school opens in September 2009, before the freshman in the textbooks and curriculum increased 20 to 40, textbooks are written by people's education Publishing House. After the new curriculum, the subject material more naturally, like language in addition to the compulsory 5 textbooks, there are 11 optional textbook; history has 3 core textbook and 6 elective material. General information technology and comprehensive practical activities are singled out as subjects, aimed at fostering the survival skills of the students.
In accordance with the process of high school curriculum in September of this year senior started to offer elective courses, universities in the "class system" will appear in the high school campus.
II ask: how to fix?
High school students take to complete 144 credits in order to graduate. In particular: compulsory three years obtained 116 credit, elective 22 credits can be obtained, take II at least 6 credits. Students attend school must achieve the required number of classes of 5/6, in the module, practicing good attitude to learning and learning in the process, and after the end of each practice exam (test) examinations.
Compulsory of 116 credits in the, language 10 credits, and language 10 credits, and mathematics 10 credits, and thought political 8 credits, and history 6 credits, and geographic 6 credits, and physical 6 credits, and chemical 6 credits, and biological 6 credits, and information technology 4 credits, and General technology 4 credits, and music 3 credits, and art 3 credits, and sports and health 11 credits, and research sex learning activities 15 credits, and community service 2 credits, and social practice 6 credits. Divided into grade, not eligible may apply for another examination.
After the curriculum, students each semester to two discipline module test to "earn" credits. Judging from the freshman experience module exam, it is carried out centrally by the Education Department, papers, grading, credits identified by the school responsible. Students successful repair to the credit, not just to look at test scores, also take into account ordinary performance. From actual operations, said most of the students have earned appropriate credits.
Three questions: academic pressure increases?
After the curriculum, learning content has increased, but reduced hours, higher Chinese, math and English curriculum generally 5-7 hours per week, after the lesson reform in Chinese and English for 4 lessons/per week, math 5 class hours per week. It can be said that of high school curriculum on teachers teaching, students learning put forward higher requirements.
Provincial experimental high school teachers, teachers only want ideas in designing training programmes, increasing the knowledge content of a lesson and guide students to strengthen the ability to complete tasks, and ensure that students receive appropriate credit. Students said that a greater amount of knowledge, they must use a variety of channels to independent learning.
In this regard, the Department of province, experts say, this high school curriculum is in the process of implementation of "labor pains," curriculum is a conscious adjustment of the teacher's teaching and learning method, which requires a process to adapt. But there is one thing in the face of high school curriculum, students must be more proactive to learn, learn new information from known knowledge.
Four questions: How can comprehensive quality assessment?
The comprehensive quality evaluation linked to the University, it is one of the highlights of the high school curriculum. From March 29 to April 30 this year, 423,000 high school curriculum across the province to carry out comprehensive quality evaluation of the first semester. Synthetic evaluation of quality education includes moral and civic literacy, communication skills, learning ability and academic achievement, sports and health, aesthetics and performance, personality and innovation 6 the dimension content, grading altogether involves more than more than 10 projects.
Lake high school senior said Wang Yuxiong, Director, as a rule, students give a (excellent rating) and d (negative) evaluation, should be submitted to the relevant supporting documents, such as certificates, certificates and so on, these will be incorporated into the student's growing portfolio, ensure the authenticity and integrity of evaluation.
Each students ' comprehensive quality evaluation by students ' self-assessment, mutual evaluation and appraisal comments to grade, class reviews, review, schools identified six aspects evaluation, self-assessment, peer review according 30%, 70% weights included in the evaluation of results. Curriculum students per semester to complete an evaluation, 5 for process evaluation, record only the original results, 6th evaluation summative evaluation, will be converted into the final evaluation results are recorded, the record will direct students to study one of the important bases.
Five questions: the Division of Arts and Sciences will be cancelled?
High school curriculum after the launch, does that mean the high school division of Arts and science no longer? This is that many prospective parents concerned about the problem of high school students.
In an interview, a high school teacher said, the high school division of Arts and Sciences baton depending on the college entrance examination. Science in university entrance exam is no longer free, natural is no longer free of high school science. Our province "new entrance" programme not issued, so high school students in 2010 whether to cancel the Department of liberal arts is not yet known. But things look now, the province canceled the college entrance examination Division of Arts and Sciences in a short period is not realistic.
Worth concern of is, national medium-and long-term education reform and development planning platform for (2010-2020) released Hou, Ministry of education related officials said, high school liberal arts points class, and entrance liberal arts points volume, and University liberal arts points section, China has long formed of this a system, must degree Shang led to has examination education of all disadvantages, caused students knowledge not full, vision narrow, not conducive to talent training, entrance liberal arts points section of existing system 10 years within must will has change.
Liu asked: "new entrance" what to test?
Reform of college entrance examination is a core part of high school curriculum, although the 2012 "new entrance" programme has been announced, but the general direction has been determined, it is no longer in college entrance examination scores as the sole indicator studies, diversity of colleges and universities enrollment system, students ' SAT scores, academic proficiency test results, comprehensive quality evaluation results will become the basis for enrollment in colleges and universities together. "New entrance" is bound to be bulldozed and rebuilt old college entrance examination system, with a new look, which will inevitably make students and parents to be afraid of. On this, Province Department of has experts said, in exam and admissions of target (that for University selection talent), and way (that unified written) no nature changes of situation Xia, entrance papers and questions not may occurred nature changes, obviously different of only will is test content for courses content and the requirements of changes and changes, not attention on specific knowledge of test, more focused on on candidates integrated capacity of test. Part of the curriculum of the provinces "new entrance" volume gives the first impression is: "this is not the same as before? "
The experts said, for purposes of curriculum reform, from entering the first day of high school, it is necessary to steadfastly, efforts to change learning methods to adapt to the curriculum, "to be ' new entrance ' will not let you lose! ” BACK
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