Characteristics of only child education

General about only children, are often the first to think of those shortcomings and problems is an only child. In fact, the only child and give birth to more children than there are some negative factors, there are many positive factors, and in some ways, the only child of advantage is obvious. These advantages, family environment, there are parents, and children themselves are in some respects have certain advantages. As a parent, of course, should see some of the negative factors of one-child families, and avoid some of the problems, also want to see the advantages of one-child families in education, and make full use of them to better promote the healthy growth of children.
Now mostly parents of an only child when I was young, mother generally pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy, the child's physiological quality better, which often have more children than. After the child came into the world, has been very good care, good health. The biggest advantage is that the parents of the only child in rearing and educating children invested much effort, so that the child's education and nutrition conditions far more than give birth to more children. Input reflected in the children of the family, now age children average height than in the past, physiological maturity ahead. From the development of intelligence, because of the emphasis on early education, children generally smart, their vision, get information, or wide range of knowledge, strong ability to accept new things.
A few years ago, educators in 8 cities in Hunan province of only-child and give birth to more children survey. Analysis found that only children in the study, life and interests than give birth to more children had a significant advantage. Two courses of languages, mathematics grade point average and much higher than many children respectively. Parents feel their children more than what I knew as a child, the brain is much more flexible. Look for the reason, there are two important factors, one is the child's living conditions and good learning environment, and second, only children received counselling of learning opportunities at home.
In the United States, there are many expert studies-child problem, there are two different views: the view, the only child is a typical "problem child", "child is itself a bad neck. Another view is exactly the opposite, that one child in the past study one-sidedness. University of Texas Tony? Forbault says, "very surprising is that only-child and non-only-child no big difference. "They were to study the children, college students and adults, found that only female adults, regardless of lifestyle, education attainment, or in marriage or the material, and non-only child there is a big difference. Some researchers believe that child health habits, health status than non-only-child, moral character, and even fine.
Although the United States and China's national conditions, living conditions and educational perspectives, teaching methods, but the results of these studies should reveal to us: don't mention an only child is identified as problems, bad education. Key is how to establish the correct educational concepts, objective analysis of favorable and unfavorable factors, outcries, and ensuring the healthy growth of children.
So how should the use of one-child families education favorable factor?
1, the scientific use of children's financial input
One-child families with only one child, financial inputs so the kids could be better guaranteed. Investment is a must for the children, but about science, should pay attention to practical results. Some parents invest for their children was very generous and very blind, don't get the right results. Some parents spend a lot of money now, let the children into expensive private school, thinking that by doing so you can let the children learn. But parents are busy with their own things, rarely come into contact with children, easy way out, just looking for good schools, good teachers spend line, can make children learn better. In fact, you need a good education of children, there is no co-operation between home and school is not enough. Parents spend money, without spending energy is impossible to improve the academic performance of children.
Of course, like this only put more money without effort is only a small number of parents, some are forced to. There are quite a number of parents, both money and energy, and money is not the place, it is difficult to see. For example, reading an article, or listen to the views of people, say outline of learning to play the piano can develop intellectually, and scrimping and saving to buy a piano, as children are not interested, whether there is a potential for music, whether we have the conditions to the teacher, can ensure that piano time ... ... Parents did not consider. Results are often a piano is free and money is wasted. As another example, in order to let the children learn as much, give the child this class, and that class, parents and children on weekends has been very busy, tired of exhilaration. Kids on the run, the brain is big. That money was at least half white. Again, the TV ads say certain supplements can make children smarter, assignments, exam 100 points, he bought for the children to eat, children do not become more intelligent, money not only white, but may have side effects ... ...
So where is the money spent? Is a principle, starting from the family and the child's actual spending on real places conducive to children's physical and psychological development. Like, to children subscription collection children see of newspaper, not seeking more, less, set has on see, not see not set; to children buy conducive to widened knowledge background of books, carefully select, not see not buy; necessary Shi sought teacher of views; to children buy beautiful generous, and practical strong of stationery supplies, flashy of not buy, extra of not buy; let children visit various Museum; let children participate in can return nature, and honed wills, and training good taste of camp, and winter camp Let children take part in exercise items that fit my criteria, and so on.
2, scientific allocation of energy
In General, the energies of parents and a child's positive development should be proportional to actual result is not often the case, parents devote a lot, but education is ineffective. There is also a scientific issue, good steel is used for the cutting edge.
For example, the following approach is debatable:
Accompany children to do homework every day, stay for a few hours, made some kids to the "you are not here with me I will not do";
To examine the children homework, where wrong, 1.1 refers to children, children just do, never their own checks. Teacher grading errors are found, children from the blame did not seriously, blame MOM and Dad "dereliction";
Parents to play with their children, and do not encourage their children to play with the kids in the neighborhood;
Parents spend a lot of time scolding their children, give the child speak the truth, no matter what children understand it or not, like it or not, committed not to miss a day;
Parents to accompany their children to various "classes", seems to be on the "class" the more, the merrier, effect is not taken into account, parents willingly follow.
Where do parents devote? How to vote? Talk about science. Advises parents to take the time to read about parenting books, newspapers, scientific enlightenment teaching. Parents should focus on training kids to learn on, let the child know have an aim in life, go through UPS and downs, you want to give your child the opportunity to exercise. Only know a child as a person, only forward momentum in order to set strict demands on themselves. Emphasizing the cultivation of many good habits to children, work habits, polite and civilized habits, eating habits, health habits, study habits. Asked for a simple, persistent, with age, increased requirements. Parents cannot request, nor today and forget tomorrow. Parents on the energy use in the standard itself, requiring children to do, you must do it. Don't depend on their parents, educating children in vain, wasting your breath.
3, weaknesses, give full play to the strengths and potential of each child
As to how to use the child in its favour, is from the reality of each child to the full. Like a child and much faster to accept new information, support to extend their field of vision at the same time, to instruct them not to identify, filter information, to prevent adverse effects. On the ability of children to support their participation in gadgets, small production activities, encouraging their creativity. Some literary, art and sports specialist, in support of their development specialist at the same time, attention to overall quality improvement.

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