Students should learn how to be brave

Now an only child, probably a weakening trend. Just to get away from their parents, they generally timid: schools are afraid, afraid of in the wild, home alone fear, have trouble fear ... ... This fear as the melody of personality, to give children a lifelong matter casts a shadow.
Let the children say goodbye to fear, select bold, can grow up to be a man Act, promising. To this end, the courage of children, from an early age, the bravery of children should be trained from childhood.
Go to the Park, ran was tired of his son to lie on the grass and was about to roll over, suddenly shrieked, jumped up and ran away, bright red face white with fear. He hugged me and said: a big bug, Mum, I'm afraid!
I speak in a calm voice: a worm has nothing to fear? You're a boy, this bug with girls to catch!
I approached the meadow and saw a green worm in pairs of 2 cm long, with a hand up, Palm, told him: this is a grass bugs without any attack, he looked for a while, is not so scared. I let him up, he can't, then half squeezed eyes and pinched up, tossed it into the trash, and since then, son, no longer afraid of worms.
Son still afraid of the dark. Once home he always turned the lights on. I took him walking at night walking, telling him about knowledge, and now he is not afraid of the dark.
Timid questions about children, I made a survey, for three reasons: one is the child of ignorance, the second is inappropriate intimidation and parental education, three parents overly tough, so children are always in a State of panic, training for courage, never by the elder or someone else to do ... ... This requires us to examine the situation of their children, take targeted measures and realization of timid to courageous changes.
If the parents will love the child, if you really love children, children grew up to be a brave mind training and training, so that the child can have nothing to fear in life, creating extraordinary performance. BACK
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