Skipping into the senior high school entrance examination, students get high marks

Yesterday, Hongshan district, Wuhan City, guanshan, in nearly 1100 students in the schools took part in the test, opened the prelude of the Wuhan sports senior high school entrance examination this year. In 1 minute jump rope items into the test for the first time, scored a perfect 10, 95% students get scores 9 points. Over 90% is expected to test candidates ' scores to get an "a".
A test pad, mat on both sides of a pair of infrared controlled machine, is skipping the test of "e-judge", as long as the student hand-rope, "e-judges" will count (left picture), after the candidates ' scores take into account IC cards. "I jumped 141 times. "In accordance with the standards of Wuhan in 2010 test scores, candidates soldier students had 9 points. He told reporters that jumping rope will, usually practiced at school, the students test very easy.
According to Yu Jingyu led the referee introduced, more than 500 students take the test in the morning in the day, 95% who scored 9 points in the rope skipping activities. To get this test results in 1 minute, girls need to jump 133 times, guys need to jump 140 times. Jump least boys there are 64 girls 58, scored 5 points. "After jumping into skipping, and reduce the overall difficulty of the exam, students take a score more easily. "Yu Jingyu said the higher threshold of standing long jump, boys jump 1.8 metres, girls jump 1.4 meters have assessment scores, and skipping rope as long as 28 times (female 25) or more, get 1 point.
Yu Jingyu analysis, skipping most students can easily got 9 points; grip full marks 10 points, average results slightly low a grade, in 7-8 points around; running full marks 10 points, General also can got 7-8 points; body high standards weight 2 points, and lung capacity weight index 3 points, score smaller effect is unlikely to, plus candidates usually results General can got 8 points above, so most candidates is easily on can got 31 points above. Test the overall difficulty is not high, the main objective is to enable students to strengthen exercise. As a rule, physical exam grades and athletic test scores add up to 45 points, 31 points or more for a, and so on, is the best.
Reporters outside the examination room randomly checked the transcript of the 20 girls, one outside the abandoned test run for health reasons, while the remaining 19 were scored 31 points or more, one of the highest, 43.4. From nearly two years of test scores, candidates who take a closer 90%. BACK
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