Studies do not test, they become more tired?

The afternoon of April 4, who lives in Hongshan LAU in primary IV's daughter, came to fruit in Lake II the provincial Mathematical Olympiad competition. A week ago, my daughter attended Chu Cup composition competition and the Cambridge English exams. With the early rose approaching, since this semester, my daughter has participated in many competitions. "If you restore up exams at the beginning, maybe my daughter and I are not so tired! "Liu represents the views of parents.
The afternoon of April 3, advantages in Wuchang district, several parents send their children to class to get together, talk up topic. "The cancellation was to give ya burden, but they actually increased rather than decreased the burden. Because there is no unified evaluation standard, cannot reflect the students ' quality, extracurricular competitions award certificates became the main criterion for junior high school students. Students from the first grade of elementary school, take part in various competitions, is to get the prize, get junior into schools ' stepping stone ', and competition intensified, also bred many new unfair. In that case, why not restore the entrance examination? "We believe that if the score into the elite schools, more fair to the students.
Said rose early after the cancellation, added a lot of uncertainties, caused great pressure to both children and parents, to a certain extent, increased school choice hot. "Certificate by certificate, note by note, with notes on tickets ... ... In the absence of more reasonable and fair and the majority of parents and candidates commonly agreed solution prior to exam admission may be most fair way to solve the shortage of high quality resources. "
Education experts, who asked not to be named noted that cancel up examinations, implementation of the nearest entrance is right at the beginning, which is conducive to promoting fair education and balanced development. Cancel early junior high school after the exams, in the final analysis is the education level is not high, high quality educational resources at this stage can not meet the demand of parents. Achieving the balanced development of education and cultivate more "famous" is the fundamental way to solve the problem. BACK
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