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Basketball, badminton, table tennis, gym, students interested in what should take a door. According to the students ' needs, teacher of physical education in the classroom to teach female self-defense. This semester, Hankou railway first introduced in grade physical education class system, great variety of elective project students surprise, called "physical education interesting."
"We also like Yoga, cheerleading, gymnastics and other elective courses. "The principal of the school said Jia Yong, physical education pattern of the school will be more in the future, and strive to make this" Science "has become popular.
Shape class entered high school class
Yesterday, the reporter went to Hankou railway, over more than 30 girls are seriously practice the leg press. "The leg press is one of the basic training course. "The teacher Deng Jianchun said that did not form classes this semester, students from the basic trick.
This year started, Hankou railway in grade 13 class implemented in physical education classes, students, basketball, badminton, table tennis, take their favorite class in your project, such as the figure class, two per week. Among them, the shape class many women feel fresh.
Deng told reporters, the form class, in addition to teaching students physical training, he taught them a few self-defense. "The girls of this age is necessary to master the skills necessary to protect themselves. "He said with a smile, some girls feel simple self defense learn quickly, also wants to learn martial arts.
Two girls told reporters the scene illustrates a self-defense technique, like analog. "If it really was in danger, strength and speed but also strengthened. "The presentation, the two girls concluded. "Previous physical education content are the same, boring, now it's much more fun. "High (3) class schoolgirl fujuner told reporters.
The headmaster turned basketball coach
Optional courses opened, teachers clearly strained. Previous class turns gym class, a teacher with several classes with no problem, now a few elective commenced operations, the teacher is not enough, President of physics teacher born in Jia became a basketball coach of the 70 students. Students ' enthusiasm for basketball than he imagined. "Teacher whistle blowing, balls to the students, for students to practice. Students who are interested in practicing, and students are not interested in the audience, some students even rely on snack to pass the time. "Jia said this is gym class when the teacher taught basketball common scenario in the past, now is different, interested students can take basketball, and with special care to learn, learning content for the day to fully complete, without a student late or intentionally ask for sick leave.
Jia said, their teaching methods in the light of the professional basketball team training methods, training intensity than before much of PE, students just like professional athletes, they like it.
Calling tip is also called
All along, in an awkward position in the school of physical education. "Students don't like, the teacher does not pay attention to. "He said, and course content are the same, students ' lack of interest in physical education class, the only way to get students excited, is that you can operate freely in the playground than in the classroom freely. PE a few years down the student body was not significantly higher. PE teacher of the most depressing is that the teaching of other subjects as long as time-strapped, you will find shift in physical education, physical education became optional.
Jia President said physical education class system in order to make this "Science" became a hot subject, let students truly "sport". He explained that in addition to offering four courses, will be the Cheerleading, gymnastics, yoga, and other projects to introduce physical education class, and the introduction of the relevant faculty. "Let fancy is in physical education students would like to see. "He said. BACK
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