Harder exams high school than College

"I hope it will finish quickly, is a relief for both children and parents. "Ms Liu's daughter Yang participate in senior high school entrance examination this year, in the words of Ms Liu, tests the test not only children, to test the parents. "Students with good grades, schools scramble to; in General, crazy looking for schools. "Willow woman some time ago with her daughter in January and March increase test scores went from various provincial, municipal high school, felt like" take off my skin. "
"Poor grades are not top-notch, and a thought on school. "Ms Liu said. Yang junior high school in the district in one of the best, is the main battlefield of model high school for the students every year, "probably could serve the propaganda effect of Yang, her very long for those elite schools. "
For her daughter's ambitions, Ms Liu appreciated, but my daughter and let her feel that this ideal is not optimistic. Yang is very unstable, "grade in the top 50 when it is good, when hundreds of poor away. "Ms Liu said. Due to provincial-level demonstration high schools are competing for top quality students, January and March, two test series defeat Yang missed opportunity signed with the elite. Liu said: "these conditions was too much temptation for us, did not sign the children frustrated, review State is not very good. "
In order to let his daughter go the way schools safer, Liu's take their children to China Division a high school entrance exam online. This year, the affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan, Wuhan iron and steel in the second of three, Wuchang, Hubei Province, experimental schools 4 schools online admissions. Schools through the Organization of comprehensive quality and ability tests, to recruit a specialist junior high school graduates, students was admitted to the network will no longer participate in the exam.
Yang was attended by "human class" special tests, humanities classes at the school this year has attracted hundreds of students, language, mathematics, these candidates must be British test, found Ms Wang, testing, most of the content for the topic of race, not their children participated and Orsay, impossible to get good grades.
"In fact, we didn't hold out much hope that, just as a test before the children's training. "Ms Liu said. Huashi high school online enrollment this year, Wuhan has attracted more than 1500 employees of outstanding students to apply for. The net enrollment of the school year plans for 80 people, acceptance rate of 5%, below last year's college entrance examination acceptance rate of a 6.4% in Hubei Province, more difficult than test key universities. "Harder than College senior high school. College entrance examination did not test well, can do it again, you only get one chance. "Willow woman deeply feel the pressure of competition.
"Letting nature take its course, we don't want to put too much pressure on children. "Ms Liu said. Ms Liu has been focusing on the cultivation of children's comprehensive quality, at her insistence, Yang hobbies has been in school as a student, often organized a variety of activities. Today, the Willow woman regrets is that Yang studied violin for many years, recently wanted to give up the child whispered: "Piano well what's the use, rather than on class. ” BACK
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