Charge standard

Note: this price is only for reference by parents, teachers, prices faculty and students (parents) consultations, according to the distance, the level of course difficulty, the teacher asked, all taught in English, whether paid depends on factors such as car stickers.
★ Primary "language, mathematics, English, math"
20 Yuan per hour (non-serving teachers)
30-40 per hour (service/termination/retirement/education teachers; foreign teachers)
★ Middle "Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry, math"
25-30 per hour (non-serving teachers) (early first 225; 330)
40-50 per hour (service/termination/retirement/education teachers; foreign teachers)
★ Secondary three school leavers/self-study examination "Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry, math, various professional courses"
35-50 per hour (non-serving teachers) (higher height 235-40; a 340-50)
60--100 yuan per hour (service/termination/retirement/education teachers; foreign teachers)
★ Adult English/English English/business English/46/
30--50 Yuan per hour (non-serving teachers)
50---100 yuan per hour (service/termination/retirement/education teachers; foreign teachers)
★ Violin/piano/Hammond organ/guitar/saxophone/flute/guzheng and erhu/flute/flute/percussion instrument zither/dulcimer/lute/
One hour 25-30 (amateur) (piano/electric piano 25 Yuan, 30 yuan)
One hour 30-50 (ordinary undergraduates) (piano/electric piano 30 yuan, 50 Yuan)
One hour 40-60 (music majors, General music teacher) (piano/electric piano 40, 60)
An hour and 100 Yuan (music teachers in music graduate, teaching more than 10 years)
One hour and 150 Yuan (professional lecturer, Associate Professor of music)
One hour and 200 Yuan (Professor of music)
★ Small languages foreign languages (Japanese, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spain)
25-40 per hour (non-majors) (Japanese, 25, 35)
30-50 per hour (undergraduate and graduate) (Japanese, 30, 40)
40-60 per hour (postgraduate and graduate) (Japanese 40 Yuan, 50 Yuan)
50-80 per hour (University teachers and students returned) (Japanese, 50, 60)
80-150 per hour (foreign students)
100-300 per hour (teachers)

20 Yuan per hour (Chinese, ordinary undergraduates)
30 yuan per hour (Chinese, Putonghua level a-class, the announcer level)
25-35 per hour (taught in English, English majors) (Zhejiang University English major 35 Yuan, 30 yuan)
30-40 per hour (in English, a foreign language majors) (Zhejiang University and other Chinese Professional 40 Yuan, 30 yuan)
40-50 per hour (small language teaching, language undergraduates and graduates) (Japanese 40 Yuan, 50 Yuan)
★ Art/calligraphy/photography/basketball/volleyball/badminton/table tennis/skating
20-30 per hour (amateur)
30-50 per hour (undergraduate)
50-80 per hour (graduates, school teachers)
80-100 per hour (University teacher)
★ Dance/Chinese chess/chess/chess/tennis/swimming/Yoga/qigong/martial arts/karate/Taekwondo
30-80 per hour (amateur)
50-100 per hour (Professional)
★ Advanced math/computer/office automation/programming/web design/image processing/computer skills: intermediate
20-30 per hour (normal undergraduate)
30-40 per hour (undergraduate)
50 Yuan per hour (teachers)

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